Nepal: A Theatre for Better Reasons


Nepal: A Theatre for Better Reasons
by Mara Matta
ISBN 9788896551271
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Nepal: A Theatre for Better Reasons

«Many had fought, albeit with different kinds of weapons, to reclaim democracy: now that the king had lost his crown and the Maoist rebels had agreed to be brought into mainstream politics, the Nepali people were not ready for another setback. They demanded real change in the form of an inclusive and just federal system based on democratic values, social justice, freedom of expression, and sustainable development. Respecting the spirit of visionary utopia shared by the people of Nepal in its path towards freedom and democracy, this book attempts to narrate the determination of young Nepali artists in transforming theatre in a social and political act of rebellion, a ‘rehearsal for the revolution’ (Augusto Boal) that could bring their hopes, aspirations, and dreams of a better life to the fore».


Mara Matta teaches Modern Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent at ‘Sapienza Università di Roma’. She works on Asian literatures, indigenous cinemas and performing arts.


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